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Inner thighs is the spot that most women are unhappy with.  Even with this crazy inner thigh gap trend, you must not forget that everyone’s body is different. You may be born with genetics which allows you to have inner thigh gap and others may not be that lucky.

You do not need to starve yourself to get skinny and have inner thigh gap. You can avoid starvation with a clean healthy diet and exercise to tone your thighs.

The thigh gap,  a clear space under your crotch between your upper and middle thighs, is considered by many as the epitomical symbol of a tone, slim female body.  This part of the body is however, one of the most difficult to get rid of fat.

Not every women can have inner thigh gap because of their physic. If you are among those women who can never achieve inner thigh gap, then having toned legs is your best option.

The absence or presence of an inner thigh gap is mostly due to a layer of fat in your inner thighs. The less fat you have, the more likely you will have a gap. Having said that your body structure will play a large role in how large you can have thigh gap.

You must eat healthy clean food and start the exercises which will help you to have toned inner thigh and possibly the inner thigh gap.

You can achieve exception results with the following workout routine which takes only 12 minutes to complete.

With only 12 minutes daily, you’ll be able to lose a centimeter in your thighs and hips every week.

12 Minutes Inner Thigh Gap Workout

Plie Squats 30 seconds
Side Lunge 30 seconds
Squat and Kick 60 Seconds
Skater Hops 30 Seconds
Inner Leg Lift 30 seconds each leg
Leg Circles 30 seconds each leg clockwise movement
Leg Circles 30 seconds with each leg anti-clockwise movement
Outer Leg Lift 30 seconds with each leg
Fire Hydrants 30 seconds with each leg
Fire Hydrant Kick 30 seconds with each leg
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12 Minutes A Day Workout for Irresistibly Sexy Legs


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