Wednesday, November 4, 2015

DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights



Jar (any clean jar will do)
Glow in the Dark Paint (use several colors if you can)
Paintbrushes (preferably longer ones that reach to the bottom of your jar)
Scrap Paper
White School Glue (optional)
Glitter (optional)

Here’s How:

Step 1

So these jars are an easy DIY idea that you can complete in under 30 minutes. All you need to do is set up your supplies and get to work. Place a piece of scrap paper like an old magazine down and then and squirt some of your assorted glow in the dark paints onto the paper. You want to squeeze out enough paint so that you will be able to paint your jars from the paint on the paper. Place a liberal amount of each color on the paper (as shown below).

Step 2

I am assuming at this point you have a clean jar for each fairy lantern you will be making. If you do not, please go wash and dry a jar now. Mason jars work great as do old pickle jars and other repurposed glass jars.

Next, you want to start painting your jars with the glow in the dark paint. I recommend using a different paint brush for each paint color, but it is not imperative you do so. Your fairies will look most realistic if you do this (being the fairy painting expert I have now become) but you can always just wash the paint brush between each paint color. I also like to use several colors of glow in the dark paint for each jar, and I will even make some jars in shade of blues and purples, others in yellows and greens, oranges and pinks. Paint your jar starting at the bottom of the inside, dabbing small dots of  glow in the dark paint using your brush. If you have several brushes, simply alternate your brushes/paint colors  frequently so you get a nice random multi-color effect. I also like to vary the size of the paint dots a little for a more realistic fairy like glow.
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