Sunday, November 1, 2015

3 Rules to Simplify Your Christmas


The Christmas shopping season is already upon us-- like it or not. And if you're anything like us, while you may love the Holiday season you also get super stressed out just thinking about all the shopping you need to do and all the money you're going to end up spending. That's why we're so glad we stumbled upon an article outlining ways to simplify your Christmas. Katie from DoubleTheBatch writes the following... 

Re-evaluate your traditions: Traditions are very important and can help create beautiful memories. I LOVE traditions! Keep in mind, though, that traditions can also become expectations and burdens. You know what I’m talking about. It’s the traditions that take a lot of time and add to 1 or more family members stress level (usually mom) but are completely unnecessary for the core goal. I won’t name all the examples going on in my head right now, because it is different for everyone. I might think Elf on the Shelf is ridiculous and a waste of time (I know, I’m a TOTAL rebel!) but this tradition might be really important for another family. So basically, traditions are also like simplifying your home. Get rid of the excess that distracts and keep the most important that draws your family closer to each other.

Quantity Vs. Quality: For some reason there is this idea that in order for Christmas morning to be successful, there needs to be a tree overflowing with gifts, stockings overflowing with stuffers, and on and on. We’re so afraid of disappointing our family on Christmas morning, we  tend to over compensate and fill our Christmas morning with QUANTITY instead of QUALITY. I’m speaking here from personal experience. Every year I firmly state that this year we will keep it simple only to find that I once again overdid it and my kids have toys they don’t need, and our budget is overdrawn. My husband’s sister buys one thing for each of her kids each year, but makes sure it is really nice and something that they really want. The result is happy kids and less stress and more time for each other. My dad said that growing up his parents would designate an area for each kid in the front room and place all of their gifts, UNWRAPPED, in a stack for them to see Christmas morning. He loved not having to wait for everyone to unwrap gifts and dive into everything. To some, this idea may seem absolutely insane! I mean, gifts that are not wrapped?? That goes against the Christmas rulebook, right? For someone like me who gets to do all the wrapping every Christmas, the idea is very tempting!. It all comes down to what is most important to you!

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