Wednesday, November 4, 2015

10 Tips From Trainers That Will Transform Your Body


We found a great article by Nicole Nichols over at SparkPeople, wherein she quotes 10 up and coming personal trainers. Each one of them gives some pretty valuable advice and how to workout intelligently so that you actually see REAL results. Here's what she has to say...

In 2011, I was both shocked and honored to be namedAmerica's Top Personal Trainer to Watch in the first-ever contest of its kind, which was run by Life Fitness and the American Council on Exercise, and I have continued to be involved as a judge and consultant for the contest in recent years. It has expanded outside of America to search for and name the best trainers across the globe. A few weeks ago, Life Fitness crowned 2014's top personal trainers to watch and a new winner in yet another amazing competition.
I recent caught up with the top 10 finalists (and the winner himself)—the crème de la crème of fitness pros—to share their best exercise tips with you! From time-saving exercise techniques to the best workout you can do when you're short on time, these must-read ideas are like consulting with the most inspiring and credible fitness trainers around the world without leaving home. 
On Making Morning Exercise a Habit"First, be sure to get enough sleep (at least seven hours) and wake up an hour before you plan to start exercising. Eating a good breakfast is important, too, as well aspicking an exercise activity that is revitalizing and not stressful or grueling. For beginners, I advise walking or running at a constant and rapid pace, approximately 30 minutes a day. For an added challenge, alternate running, biking or swimming during different days a week." – Isaac Rojas Rivero, 2014 Personal Trainers to Watch finalist.

On Staying Motivated to Stick to an Exercise Program Long-Term
"Understanding the way our body works internally, in a very deep way, is something I've found motivates and keeps people working out long term. With this knowledge, people will start doing it, and will feel the need to keep doing it. To become a consistently active person, study your body." – Cristiano Arthur S. Parente, 2014 Personal Trainers to Watch winner.

Read the eight other tips!


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